Best vaastu tips to consider before buying home

Best vaastu tips to consider before buying home

December 5th, 2020

Best vaastu tips to consider before buying home

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science of building architecture and zonal placement of commercial and residential property. It ensures right zonal placement of various areas of a building for best results. Most reputed builders integrate concepts of vaastu shastra while constructing a house to offer best results to residents and home builders.

If you are building your house, speak to your builder about vaastu remedies. Many reputed builders such as Rishabh Group have collaborated with Vastu Shastra experts to help their customers.

Here are some of the best Vaastu Tips for Prospective Property Investors:


Inspect Well

It is strictly advised that investors should inspect the plot or house prior to making the final purchase. One should primarily check the septic system, water storage sump and primary gates of the place thoroughly. Consulting an experienced vastu skilled scholar prior to making the final purchase is important.



It is important to remove old energies from the home you wish to see. You can hire a professional for this task.


Work with a Vaastu Expert

This is how you can get the most out of the service. An experienced professional will be able to tell you if the house construction is auspicious.


The Main Entrance

The entryway of your home is important. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore it. Keep it clean, organized and well decorated. The best zone for entryway is North or NorthEast.


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom must be in the SouthWest corner of house. This is important for maintaining peace and tranquility. It will also facilitate you to get sound sleep. Vaastu professionals will recommend a square shaped or rectangle shaped bedroom.


Kids Area

If you are planning to have a separate room for kids or a nursery, it is best to create the space in the NorthWest area. Another best zone is NorthEast. Instruct the architect to build the windows towards Northern wall. This will help the room to attract ample light to the room without excess damaging sunrays.



SouthEast is deemed to be the best place to have kitchen at home. As per the Vaastu guidelines, preparation of food should be done in the East direction. Strictly avoid having main entrance/exit door in front of kitchen.



According to experts, the location bathroom/toilet in a house plays a vital role in restoring peace and prosperity. Vastu professionals advise their clients to build restrooms, bathrooms or toilets in the NorthWest corner of house. The SouthEast corner of a house is also the best site to build a bathroom/toilet. Strictly avoid having a kitchen or puja area right under, over, near or adjacent to a restroom.


To Sum Up

Following the above listed tips will help you to create a dream home integrated wisely with Vaastu shastra. Also try to meet a professional expert who will guide you through the entire house. They know what to do and how to make a beautiful home that complies fully with Vaastu Shastra.