A Guide to Buying Your First Property in Delhi NCR

A Guide to Buying Your First Property in Delhi NCR

February 17th, 2021

A Guide to Buying Your First Property in Delhi NCR

Buying your first property is often scary, and one tends to make many mistakes that can be damaging in the long run. First-time buyers buying any property in Delhi NCR must have all factors in their mind before investing. Though people don't want to, they often end up making similar mistakes while buying their first property in Delhi NCR. But that can be damaging as the resell value of apartments in Delhi NCR often keep fluctuating, and if it is bought in a Buyer's Market, then resell value will below. Thus, first-time buyers must follow a step-by-step guide while purchasing their first property in Delhi NCR.


The Budget

Setting up a budget is the most important step in buying a property in Delhi NCR. The individuals must be aware of the exact amount that they have ready for a down payment and their means of acquiring a home loan. Many individuals wish to buy flats in Delhi NCR but are often disappointed as their budget keeps fluctuating with every new property that they visit. This can be avoided if an exact budget is decided at the beginning of the hunt for a property in Delhi NCR.



Delhi NCR covers a lot of areas. It is important that the buyer decide where they want to live and buy a property. The options between Gurugram, Noida, South Delhi, West Delhi, Faridabad, etc., are unlimited, but the buyer must know exactly where they want to live. This also depends on a number of factors such as work location, close proximity to friends and family, status symbol, etc. If properties in Delhi NCR are visited without any thought given to the location, the person is much more likely to make the wrong decision. The top real estate developers of Delhi should be consulted regarding the locations and flats in Delhi NCR that are available for sale there.



Selecting a location alone is not enough in Delhi. For instance, if a person decides to buy a property in the South Delhi region, they must next decide which locality in South Delhi they want to look for properties in. This mainly depends on the convenience of the locality, its proximity to work, hospitals, grocery stores, schools, shopping centers, etc. For this also the real estate developers of Delhi NC must be contacted, and the top localities for apartments in Delhi NCR must be decided.


Resale Value

Properties in Delhi NCR often have great resale value, especially if bought in the top localities. But that may not always be the case. Another step to buying an apartment in Delhi, NCR, is to check the market prices and conditions for the past, present, and future estimations. The buyer must be certain that they will resell their property in Delhi NCR as and when necessary and not lose a lot of their money. The real estate developers in Delhi NCR usually have the correct estimate regarding this. When the best real estate agents of Delhi NCR are hired, this step can be easily covered.


Loan Eligibility

Buying a property in Delhi, NCR costs a lot of money. Not everyone has that available at the moment that they decide to purchase an apartment in Delhi, NCR. Thus, the buyers must find out what their credit score is, have their financial documents at hand, and look for avenues of home loans. Factors such as income, age, financial condition at the present and past, down-payment availability, and credit score are all taken into consideration. Thus, making sure all the criteria are met and that one is eligible to get a loan is an important step.


Registration and Additional Costs

Procuring a registration on the property in Delhi NCR is hard and must be done with great care and the help of the best real estate agents in Delhi NCR. Just because the market value of the property is within the budget, it does not mean that the house is affordable. Homebuyers should check the property taxes levied on properties in Delhi NCR and find out what the yearly tax will be. The registration process also costs quite a lot of money. These legal aspects and costs must be kept in mind before deciding on the affordability of the properties in Delhi NCR.


Transfer and Past of the House

Making sure the transfer deed of the apartment in Delhi NCR is accurate is important. The buyer must consult the top real estate developers of Delhi NCR and their property lawyer before signing the deed. They must also research the history of the property that they intended to buy and make sure no illegal activities had ever taken place there. For this purpose, they should consult the real estate developers of Delhi NCR.

If this guide is followed, buying a property in Delhi NCR, will be a lot easier and safer for first-time buyers. They will make less severe mistakes, especially if they rely on the top real estate developers to buy an apartment in Delhi NCR.


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