Higher Floor Vs Lower Floor Living: Which Is Better?

Higher Floor Vs Lower Floor Living: Which Is Better?

March 4th, 2020

Higher Floor Vs Lower Floor Living: Which Is Better?

Confusion abounds when a buyer starts searching for a property in high-rise buildings these days. Most of the construction has already taken a vertical leap over the years with space being a constraint in cities. Whether it is luxury or affordable segment, the decision to buy a property can be a bit daunting and the fact that a good advice is difficult to get, buyers are unable to take the right decision.

Sometimes the fine print hides more than what is reveals. The more common pain points while buying a property if left unaddressed can cause a lifetime of suffering for a buyer.

A buyer-beware market requires a person to be aware of the complex technical knowhow and also look beyond the common myths to make a smart investment choice while choosing a property. One question that often lingers on a buyer’s mind is to either go for higher floor while buying an apartment/flat or stay on a ground floor. The opinion stands divided on this one. So, let’s just explore the advantages and disadvantages of this decision one by one.

Advantages of living on top floor apartment/flat

-Less noise pollution/air pollution

You’d definitely find a difference in level of noise decibel and air quality index when you go higher in a building. The air tends to be sharply cleaner because the exposure to dust is low in a higher floor from that of the ground. One reason for you to pick healthy living for your family.


-Better skyline and views from the balcony

In a high rise, you wouldn’t want your view to be obstructed by nearby buildings or be hassled by the traffic. As you go higher up the floors, you can enjoy unhindered views of the city and savour the starry skies from your private balcony. Your living space will extend way beyond into the horizon in a high-rise apartment.


-Low heating costs in the winters

Warm air tends to rise above and that is why it is seen that floors in high rise buildings tend to be cozy in the winters. This would definitely help in bringing down heating costs in winters for the dwellers who prefer higher floors instead of the ground floors.


-Easy accessibility to the rooftop

These days builders are offering sky walks, walk-in rooftops, open green areas and holding rooftop events that are accessible to everyone. Not only that, these building are compliant with the guidelines that make them disabled and elderly friendly. When you go higher up the building, you can enjoy these amenities easily.


-Access to natural lighting and sunlight

High-rise buildings are compliant with the environmental norms and integrate the use of high ceilings and large windows to bring in natural lighting and sunlight indoors. This not only adds a luxury appeal to the place but helps in alleviating the mood and energising its dwellers.


Apparent disadvantages of living on top floor apartment/flat

-Inaccessibility to the ground level

It is often construed that reaching ground and accessing parking areas from high-rise buildings becomes a hassle. Nowadays builders offer private elevators to its residents so that they can reach the ground faster. These elevators are usually super fast and help residents easily reach ground and their respective floors in a matter of seconds.


-Low-rise floor flats remain cool in summers

This is a myth perpetrated in the market for quite some time. The evolution in the construction industry and the use of modern technology has ensured that the builders use methods that keep the building cooler. Also, new-age windows cut out most of the heat and make sure that the building remain cool in the summers. Apart from that, these building are usually equipped with smart exhaust systems that make sure the common areas remain temperature controlled.


-Difficulty in accessing parks and recreational areas

Since high-rise flats are higher off the ground, they become difficult for children to access common playground and recreational areas. Builders have built a way around it by recreating the same experience on the rooftops so that it does not become a pain point for its dwellers. Builders go out all the way to make sure that the residents enjoy living in high rise buildings by integrating creature comforts in luxury and middle-class societies.


-Moving-in and moving-out becomes a problem

It is often a pain area for people when they shift to a new place and plan to move furniture and belongings. You can easily ask builders to help you plan the move or hire expert movers and packers in order to make it easy and hassle free for you to shift to these high rise buildings.

Living in a city is a lifelong dream for many that people work so hard to accomplish. Buying a home should reflect your dreams, passions and status. Other than creature comforts, you should expect the best from your builder and should get the best money can buy. Make sure to take a tour of the top floor flats in the housing society you wish to live in so that you can choose a place that gives you and your family luxury living space and a view that only a few can afford.

Here’s wishing you happy house hunting…


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